Monday, March 21, 2011

Enjoying Life

We have just been enjoying life around here lately. We got to spend a few days up north a couple weeks ago, and even got to stay at Grandad and Grandma Hancock's house for a couple nights! The weather up north was GORGEOUS and the boys played outside pretty much the entire time. I was also able to get some food storage going. Big thanks to my Uncle Brandon for meeting me at the cannery and helping me get a start on the basics (and helping me can everything). We also spent a day out at the ranch jarring some chicken (my favorite!) and pinto beans. It was a blast spending time with my mom, sisters, and Aunt Jo. We need to do it more often!
The boys are growing more each day. I can't believe Madden will be 4 in just a couple weeks! He is getting so big. We just signed him up for his first soccer league and for summer swim lessons so he is going to be a busy boy.
Kolten still has his blonde curly hair (which mom LOVES) and he has the cutest personality. He can repeat pretty much anything you say, and he LOVES to watch Toy Story. He also loves to eat and will beg and beg if he happens to notice a piece of candy or some sweet treat that he wants.
Me and David are doing well. David is staying busy with work, online Master's classes, and a city basketball league. My pregnancy has been going really well and I feel so blessed for this. I think often about my family and friends who are unable to have kids or who have such a hard time during pregnancy and I try to always remember how blessed I am (especially when I start to complain of weight gain or a sore back). I am surprised at how ready I feel to have a baby around again. I really am so excited to have this little boy!
Here are some pictures of our recent happenings!


Aunt Tiff said...

It was great to see you guys for a bit! uncle Brandon says he was happy to help with your year supply...that is right up his alley!! Love you guys!!