Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fun Things To Do...

These last couple of weeks we have had many fun things that we have been able to do. And I was finally able to get a new camera from Costco so I have lots of pictures to share!
Lets starts with Grandpa Hall's birthday. We all went out to dinner to celebrate and even though me and David wanted to find a sitter... the boys were surprisingly good. Kolten was especially happy when Grandpa shared his birthday treat. =) I'm really bummed I didn't get more pictures but due to technically difficulties with my camera flash (meaning I didn't know exactly how to work it), I wasn't able to take more pictures. Here is my favorite one of the night:

Last week we were able to go on a family vacation to Sea World. Me and David had tickets from last year that were good for one more day and I had credit card points that I could redeem for a free hotel room so we figured 'Why not?'. It was a short trip, we left on Wednesday and came home Friday night, but it was SO much fun. The boys loved Sea World and we were able to go to the beach twice (the weather was A-MA-ZING). The boys also loved getting to stay in a hotel room. I forgot how exciting that was for a kid. =)
Kolten was excited to see Elmo. And I was surprised that he just walked right up to him, gave him a high five, then stood there for the picture.

Dad and Kolten waiting for the dolphin show (which was great by the way).

Kolten's first 'ride'! He loved it!

Madden liked the shark tank.

The polar bear is my favorite animal to watch. These guys were HUGE.

Brothers playing at the beach

At La Jolla Cove- there were so many sea lions there, it was way cool.

The boys outside the San Diego Temple (which is GORGEOUS).

We had to come home on Friday from California because Madden had his FIRST soccer game Saturday morning. It was SO much fun watching him. Me and David probably just laughed the whole first 10 minutes. Those kids were so cute. I was so proud of Madden for just going out there and getting right into it. He wasn't quite sure what he was doing (he missed the first practice), but he did so good and even scored a goal! He also scored a goal for the other team (but a couple of the other kids did too... I think they just wanted to kick it in the net- no matter which one!). Hopefully I will have better pictures next time. I'm going to have so much fun watching my boys play sports growing up!

We celebrated Madden's 4th birthday yesterday (April 6th). He was so excited all day. It really was so much fun trying to make the day special for him. I really can't believe it was 4 years ago that I became a mom. I can't even imagine what life was like before having children. They bring me such an incredible amount of joy and have taught me so much. My little Madden is such a special little boy. He really is a sweetie and has such a cute personality. He is such a great big brother and I love that he plays so great with Kolten and is so excited for the baby to come. I love that he is so much like his dad. He tries so hard to be good and to obey (even though that is something we sometimes have to work on). I love that he frequently tell me I'm his 'best friend'. I really hope he doesn't change too much as he gets older! Here are some birthday pictures!
When asked what he wanted to do for his bday... his one request was go to 'chuck-e-cheeses'. Him and Kolten has lots of fun running around playing games and eating pizza. However Kolten did not like the monster truck:

Madden blowing out his 4 candles.

Mom and Dad FINALLY got Madden a little kids game that we can play with him. He loves games.

Madden got some sweet sports gear from Aunt Heather and Aunt Jessica. He is sure going to be stylish.

Can't wait to see what fun things we get to do in the coming weeks!


Taralee said...

That's rad that you had a little get-a-way. I'm sure the kiddoes LOVED it. Staying in hotels is bomb-diggity...surprised you didn't know that. I still get excited about it.

ALSO- I'm like MAJOR pump and psyched about going camping with the gang. Hooty-hoo.

Curtis and Dani Welton said...

Wow there is always a lot going on in the Hall home! So glad you haven't cut Kolten's curls, I love them :)

Belly pic??