Friday, May 20, 2011

The Waiting Game...

Well I have officially started the waiting game. I am considered 'full-term' today so I am already feeling anxious and ready for this baby to come. I have a nagging feeling however that this little guy is comfy where he is and doesn't plan on coming soon. I would love to have him sometime in May, but we shall see!
Meanwhile, our time lately has been spent with weekday trips to play at the park before it gets too hot (and to feed the ducks which the boys love), bike rides, doctor's appointments and Madden's weekend soccer games.
I finally took a video on our camera at Madden's last soccer game. He has been doing so good! Here he is scoring a goal!

And here is Kolten cheering his big brother on:
Aren't these boys just soooo cute? I just love them so much and I am SO excited to be having another little boy that I can love on. I can't wait to meet him!