Saturday, September 17, 2011


There are a couple changes going on around here... First of all- I took my blog off private. If something happens to change my mind I can always switch it back to private!
Second change- I'm starting a sort of 'diet' tomorrow. I have about 15 pounds of baby weight left to lose (although mostly I just want to get toned). I am hoping that by sharing with everyone that I am starting a diet, hopefully I will be more accountable and really stick to it. I am going to be doing the 'eat clean diet'. It is a huge change from what I am eating now but I am hoping to do it all out for two weeks. If I think it is worth it (our grocery bill will be way higher than what I'm use to) then I will continue it- otherwise I'll probably just go back to what I am doing now. But I read a book that has really motivated me to change my eating habits and what I put into my body. Hopefully there will be some big improvements with not only the way I look- but the way I feel. I need more energy to keep up with these 3 little boys!
And speaking of changes and 3 little boys, I can't believe how grown up they are getting! You should see my baby... if you could even call him that anymore. He is a little over 3 months old and he is huge. I am very interested to see what his stats are at the doctors this upcoming week.
Other things that we have been up to lately (which is a lot since I have been slacking on the blog):
- Spending some quality family time at the lake. We love being on our boat at the lake and getting to wakeboard. We did a little mini vacation to a resort over by Lake Pleasant this last week and we loved it. We were just 10 minutes from the lake. We bought Madden a wakeboard- off of Craigslist- the week prior and we were excited to get him on it. He has since gotten SO good at it and he just LOVES it. I love seeing the big grin on his face while he is out there. Here are some lake pics and the link to a video of him wakeboarding:
Our lake trip buddies. We LOVE this cute little family!
Hotel family pic:
On the boat:

Here is the video of Madden on his wakeboard:
- Madden started pre-school and he sure does love going. He goes 4 times a week for 3 hours a day. I have enjoyed it also because I am luckily able to get the baby and Kolten to nap at this time so I can workout or clean or take a nsp too. =) Madden's first day of school:
- I am playing in a womens volleyball league again. I just LOVE getting to play volleyball. It sure is great to have a night where I can get out of the house by myself and doing something fun. Plus it helps to have such a fun team!
- David is getting ready to start his FINAL class for his MBA. Woohoo! I'm thinking a little party might be in order once he is done. I am SO proud of him.
- Ryker is sleeping from 7:30pm to 6:30pm. Can you believe it? How amazing is that! He is such a good baby. I got very blessed with this little guy... I just LOVE him!

Well I hope everyone out there is doing great! I don't know about you guys... but I am ready for fall and some cooler weather. =)


Aunt Tiff said...

I want to just SQUEEZE Ryker!! Love you guys!!