Monday, September 19, 2011

Welcome to the Family

My sister Jesse had boy #2 last week. I am so glad that everything went smooth with her for labor and delivery, and she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! My mom was in town to help her out and lucky for us, Jesse was feeling good enough to have company over on Saturday. So I took the boys over for dinner and to play with cousin Lewis and to see their new cousin Klyde.
There is something about babies that is just an indescribable 'precious' quality. It makes me wonder how anyone could ever do something to hurt one of these little ones. Kids are A LOT of work, but man are they worth it. They are so much fun (at least mine are)! I try to remind myself that these 'stages' won't last long, so I better enjoy it while I can.
Here are some pictures I took of our night:
There are 3 months and 10 days between these two. Man... they grow up so fast!

Grandma with her grandsons!

Madden was so excited to see his new cousin. He loves babies and really is such a big helper:

All my boys LOVE their Aunt Kimi!

The BEAUTIFUL mother:

Family really is what it is all about... don't you think?


Danielle Christene said...

Look at all those handsome boys! So much fun. They do grow up quick. Too quick. I can't believe how much Ryker has changed! So glad you took your blog off private so I can look at it now :) I love seeing what you guys are up to. You are such a good mama. Wish we lived closer so we could get all our boys together! Hope we see you all soon.

Aunt Tiff said...

He is so tiny!! What a great bunch of future missionaries!! Love you all!